Moxa Modbus Gateways

Engineered to seamlessly integrate and facilitate communication between various industrial devices and networks, Modbus Gateways from Moxa provide robust and reliable solutions for a wide range of industrial automation applications. Discover the features, benefits, and applications of Moxa Modbus Gateways to enhance your industrial communication infrastructure.

Modbus Protocol Explained

Modbus is a protocol used for transmitting information between electronic devices over serial lines. It was initially created by Modicon for their programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

As the oldest industrial automation communication protocol, Modbus has become a standard language for connecting automation devices and equipment, allowing communication within a network or industrial setting.

Although Modbus was originally designed for Serial networks, it now supports message transmission over Ethernet and TCP/IP.

Developed and managed by the Modbus organization, it has evolved into a free open-source tool that provides an automation protocol for industrial devices. Modbus primarily operates over serial lines, supporting RS-232 and RS-485 serial communication standards, and it is also compatible with Serial RS-422 and Ethernet.

The versatility and reliability of Modbus have made it a preferred choice for many industries, including manufacturing, energy, and transportation. Its ease of implementation and robust performance in various industrial environments ensure that it remains a crucial component in the realm of industrial automation and control systems.

Modbus Gateway Device Protocols

Each Moxa Modbus Gateway is speciically designed to convert from or to Modbus from other protocols. Below is a table which highlights which protocols can be convereted by each different device series. Utilising this table and the filters in the category below will help you find the right Modbus Gateway for your specific needs.

Moxa Modbus Gateway Protocol Comparison

Device Series Protocol A Protocol B
MGate 3x70/3x80/3660 Modbus TCP Modbus ASCII/RTU
MGate 5105-MB-EIP Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP EtherNet/IP
MGate 5109 Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP DNP3 Serial/TCP/UDP
MGate 5111 Modbus / PROFINET / EtherNet / IP PROFIBUS Slave
MGate 5114 Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP / IEC 101 IEC 104
MGate 5118 CAN-J1939 Modbus / PROFINET / EtherNet/IP
MGate 5119 IEC 61580 Modbus / IEC 101 / IEC 104 / DNP3
MGate 5121 CANopen/J1939 Modbus TCP
MGate 5135/5435 Modbus RTU/ACII/TCP EtherNet/IP
MGate 5192 IEC 61580 DNP3 / IEC 101 / IEC 104 / Modbus
MGate 5217 Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP BACnet/IP
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    MGate MB3280
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  • MGate MB3170-S-SC
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  • MGate MB3170I-M-SC
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  • MGate MB3170I-T
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  • MGate 5217I-600-T
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  • MGate MB3170-M-SC-T
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  • MGate MB3170-M-ST-T
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  • MGate 5134
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  • MGate 5105-MB-EIP
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  • MGate 5109
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  • MGate 5118
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  • MGate MB3170I-S-SC
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