(RMA) Return Material Authorisation

At IIoTZone.com, we take great pride in the quality of the products we offer and meticulously select the brands we collaborate with. Thanks to the extensive development and testing our products undergo, they boast a significantly low failure rate.

There may be rare instances where faults and issues arise with devices that go unnoticed prior to shipping.

In the unlikely event that you receive a defective device or product, we provide a returns service covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Should you need to return an item due to a suspected device issue or failure, please fill out the brief form below to assist us in resolving the matter.

Upon receiving the completed RMA form, one of our team members will contact you within 2 working days to provide assistance and, if necessary, coordinate the return of the item.

RMA Terms & Conditions


This document outlines the IIoTzone RMA (return materials authorization) policy.

It covers all our terms and conditions for product returns by customers. These include warranty return and repair, advanced replacement for ‘dead on arrival’ and incorrect products.

1. Fault Categorization

Units will be categorized according to age; warranty period and nature of the fault as follows:

Dead On Arrival (DOA)

A unit which is DOA will not work within seven days of the date of receipt. We will replace it with a new unit subject to availability.

Failure within manufacturer’s warranty period

If a faulty product purchased from IIoTzone fails to work within the manufacturer’s warranty period, we will return it to the manufacturer on our customer’s behalf. Please be aware that supplier's full Terms and Conditions apply.

Failure outside manufacturer’s warranty period

If an item fails outside the manufacturer’s warranty period, we will give our customer advice on whether it is financially viable to have it repaired.

2. No Fault Found

Please be advised that if a product has been returned to us ‘faulty’ but is found to have no fault, it will be returned to our customer and there will be a £50.00 / €55.00 / $60.00 engineering and administration charge imposed.

3. Damaged Goods

If a faulty item is returned damaged to IIoTzone, we will not be liable for the cost of repair because the damage will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Incorrect Goods

If a customer purchases the wrong item, we may consider receiving it back together with a 35% restocking and exchange fee. This is subject to approval and must occur within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

5. Freight Costs

Any customer returning goods to IIoTzone must ensure that all freight and duty costs are fully paid.

6. RMA Number

Please do not return RMA products without obtaining an RMA number from IIoTzone.

7. RMA Processing Time

Please be aware that the RMA processing time can take up to 10 weeks.

Any further questions please contact our customer service team.


Before Creating an RMA

Read and understand our RMA Terms and Conditions. Note down the product model number, Serial Number, and your IIoTzone.com invoice number.


Create an RMA

If you are not already logged in, login into your account below. Fill out all the fields below giving as much information as possible. You will receive an RMA number upon receipt of your completed request.


Return the Product

Back up all your data and settings before sending your product for repair. Please include your RMA reference no. on the shipping label. Include the statement “Good without commercial value being returned for repair” as a label on the shipping packaging and the shipper’s invoice.

Complete an RMA