Icron USB Extenders

USB Extenders are essential devices that allow USB signals to be transmitted over long distances without degradation. These extenders are particularly useful in scenarios where direct USB connections are impractical due to distance limitations inherent to standard USB cables. Icron are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of USB Extenders for industrial and commercial environments.


In modern setups, especially in industrial, commercial, and medical environments, reliable and long-distance USB connectivity is crucial. USB extenders facilitate this connectivity, ensuring seamless operation of USB peripherals far beyond the usual 5-meter limitation of standard USB cables.
Icron Technologies, a leader in USB extension technology, has developed advanced solutions to extend USB connections up to hundreds of meters. Their products are known for their reliability, compatibility, and ease of use, making them the go-to choice for many industries.

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Key Things to Consider


The range determines how far a USB signal can be reliably transmitted between devices, which is essential for maintaining stable and efficient connectivity in environments where devices are spread out over large distances. 

A longer range ensures flexibility in setup and can prevent data loss or signal degradation, making it vital for applications in professional AV setups, industrial control systems, medical equipment, and remote desktop environments. 


Ensuring that the extender is compatible with your devices and operating systems is crucial for seamless integration and functionality. 

An extender that supports a wide range of USB types and is compatible with major operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS provides greater flexibility and ease of use. 

Compatibility ensures that all connected devices communicate effectively, avoiding potential issues with connectivity and performance.


The speed of data transmission between devices directly impacts the efficiency and performance of your system. 

Choosing an extender with high-speed capabilities, such as USB 3.0 or USB 3.1, ensures rapid data transfer rates, allowing for quick and seamless communication between connected devices. 

This is especially important for applications that involve large file transfers, real-time data streaming, or high-resolution video and audio playback. 

Power Delivery

Opting for an extender with robust power delivery capabilities ensures that all connected USB devices receive adequate power to operate efficiently. 

This is particularly important for peripherals that require higher power levels, such as external hard drives, cameras, or charging devices. 

Additionally, a USB extender with power delivery features can help minimize cable clutter and simplify your setup by eliminating the need for separate power sources for each device. 

USB Extenders for Industry

Due to the vast range of Icron USB Extenders available to order, their applications are just as diverse. From Commercial and Industrial applications through to Medical and Consumer applications, the Icron range offers solutions for any USB extension requirement you may have.

Commercial Applications

Used in offices, conference rooms, and retail environments to connect peripherals such as printers, webcams, and interactive displays.

Industrial Applications

Deployed in factories, warehouses, and control rooms to extend connections to industrial equipment and monitoring systems.

Medical Applications

Facilitates the use of medical imaging devices, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring systems in hospitals and clinics.

Consumer Applications

Used in home setups for extending connections to gaming peripherals, home theater systems, and other consumer electronics.

Why Icron USB Extenders?

Over 25 Years Experience

Icron was founded in 1998 and have become a pioneer and world leader in the development of USB and video extension solutions.

ExtremeUSB® Technology

Icron's patented ExtremeUSB® Technology ensures transparent USB extension with true plug-and-play functionality and no need for additional software drivers.

Plug and Play

Icron USB Extender's plug and play setup allows for easy setup and operation without the need for complex installation procedures.

Compatibility and Interoperability

All of the Icron devices support a wide range of USB devices and is compatible with various operating systems and platforms.

Robustness and Durability

Icron USB extenders are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments and ensure reliable performance over extended periods.

The Icron USB Extender Family

The Icron Starling is designed for basic USB extension needs. It is an entry-level model that provides reliable USB 2.0 extension over Cat5e/6/7 cables. Ideal for use in commercial environments where simple extension is required.

Key Features

USB Version: USB 3-2-1
USB Type: Type C
Extension Distance: Up to 10 meters (33 feet) over Cat5e/6/7 cables
Ports: Single port
Power: BUS Powered or AC Adapter
Use Case: Ideal for simple setups where USB 2.0 extension is needed, such as keyboard and mouse extensions, or simple USB peripherals.

Icron Starling Series
Icron Ranger Series

The Icron Ranger series offers more advanced features compared to the Starling, supporting both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 extensions over longer distances. It is suitable for a wider range of applications and environments within industrial and commercial settings.

Key Features

USB Version: USB 2-1
USB Type: Type A
Extension Distance: Up to 100 meters (330 feet) over Cat6a/7 cables or 10km (6.2 miles) over fiber
Ports: 2-Port and 4-Port options available
Power: Requires external power supply for both local and remote extenders
Use Case: Suitable for environments requiring reliable and extended USB connections for various peripherals, including webcams, storage devices, and other high-bandwidth devices.

The Icron Starling is designed for basic USB extension needs. It is an entry-level model that provides reliable USB 2.0 extension over Cat5e/6/7 cables. Ideal for use in commercial environments where simple extension is required.

Key Features

USB Standard: USB 3-2-1
USB Type: Type A & C
Extension Distance: Up to 200 meters (656 feet) over multi-mode fiber
Ports: 4-Ports
Power: External power supply required for both local and remote extenders
Use Case: Ideal for applications requiring high-speed data transfer over long distances, such as medical imaging, broadcasting, and data centers, where EMI resistance is crucial.

Icron Raven Series
Icron Spectra Series

The Icron Spectra series represents the premium range of USB extenders, designed to extend USB 3.0 signals over both fiber optics and copper cables. This series is built for high-performance applications demanding robust and reliable data transmission.

Key Features

USB Version: USB 3.0
USB Type: Type A
Extension Distance: 15m or up to 100m over fiber
Ports: Single and 2-Port options available
Power: Bus-Powered or AC Adapter
Use Case: Best suited for professional and industrial applications needing high-speed, long-distance USB connectivity with maximum reliability, such as professional AV setups, industrial automation, and scientific research.

Icron Starling Icron Ranger Icron Raven Icron Spectra
USB Standard USB 3-2-1 USB 2-1 USB 3-2-1 USB 3
USB Type Type C Type A Type A & C Type A
Extension Distance 10m Up to 100m over Cat5e or up to 10km over fiber Up to 200m 15m or up to 100m over fiber
Ports 1-Port Up to 4-Ports 4-Ports Up to 2-Ports
Power Bus-Powered or AC Adapter AC Adapter AC Adapter Bus-Powered or AC Adapter

USB Frequently Asked Questions

USB Topology Visual

USB Tiers: The Hierarchical Structure

USB topology is organized in a hierarchical structure of tiers and hubs. The host controller, usually a computer's USB port, is at the root. Hubs allow multiple devices to connect to a single USB port, forming the first tier when connected to the host controller. Subsequent tiers are created by connecting additional hubs to ports on devices in the previous tier. This can continue up to a maximum of seven tiers as specified by the USB standard.

For example, if a hub is connected to a device in the first tier, any devices connected to this hub form the second tier, and so on. Icron USB extenders can occupy tiers, with USB 3.2 placing the local LEX in the first tier and the remote REX in the second tier. USB 1.1 and 2.0 typically occupy only one tier.

Understanding these limitations helps in designing reliable and efficient USB-based systems, such as dynamic conference rooms or custom USB devices.

USB Endpoints: Device Functions

Endpoints are the specific functions a USB device can perform. Each device can have multiple endpoints, depending on its design. For instance, a simple USB mouse may have one endpoint for movement and click data, whereas a complex device like a USB audio interface may have several endpoints for audio channels, MIDI data, and control signals. Most devices define two or three endpoints, even though a single USB device can have up to 32 endpoints.

Practical Connectivity Limits

While the USB specification allows up to 127 devices on a single port through hubs, practical performance issues often arise with more than 10 active devices. This is due to the limited throughput of the USB port, which may not handle all active devices efficiently. Inactive devices do not impact the performance of active ones, so it is crucial to consider the number and activity level of devices to ensure optimal performance.

Extreme USB Logo

Since 1998, Icron Technologies has been addressing USB's cable distance limitations through ExtremeUSB technology. This innovation extends USB's reach and is ideal for applications in professional AV, industrial control, medical, security, and remote desktops.

Features of ExtremeUSB®

  • True Plug and Play: No new driver installation is required.
  • Broad Compatibility: Supports USB 2.0 (high-speed) and USB 1.1 (full-speed, low-speed) devices./li>
  • Host Support: Operates with both USB 2.0 high-speed host controllers and USB 1.1 classic hosts.
  • Cross-Platform: Compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows®, Mac OS®, and Linux.
  • Long Range: Extend up to 100m between extenders over Cat5e or better

An ExtremeUSB link essentially consists of four components: a local extender (LEX), a remote extender (REX), a host computer, and USB devices. The LEX connects to the host computer, while the REX connects to the USB devices. These two extenders are linked via connection media such as Cat 5e (or better) cabling.

In simple terms, the LEX handles the communication with the host computer, and the REX manages the communication with the USB devices. ExtremeUSB technology ensures that the link remains active despite the increased delays caused by the extended distance between the LEX and REX.

Unfortunately, you cannot daisy-chain ExtremeUSB systems by connecting multiple extenders in series.

Icron offers a comprehensive range of products featuring ExtremeUSB technology, covering various USB types, distances, and transmission media.

To determine the best Icron product for your project, you can either contact one of our experts or refer to the information on this page.

Icron products are designed with ease of use in mind. Every Icron product includes the ExtremeUSB suite of features, which offer transparent USB extension, true plug-and-play functionality (no software drivers required), and compatibility with all major operating systems, including Windows®, macOS™, Linux®, and Chrome OS™.

You can use your own power supplies with Icron products, but please note that only the power supply provided with the product is covered under the warranty.

When you look closely at your USB devices and ports, you might notice a symbol representing the port's compatibility and functionality. This symbol, initially a simple three-pronged design known as the "Trident Logo" by the USB-IF, consists of a circle leading to three distinct shapes: a smaller circle, a triangular arrow, and a square. This design signifies that a standard USB connection port can be used to connect a variety of cables and devices.

It is important to make sure that you are utilising the correct generation of USB cable for the task at hand. For more detailed information on USB Symbols and which cable is correct for you then use the link below.

The Icron Range

Icron Starling Series USB Type C, 3-2-1 Extender up to 10 meters

Icron Ranger Series USB Type A, 2-1 Extender up to 100m/10km

Icron Raven Series USB Type A & C, 3-2-1 Extender up to 200 meters

Icron Spectra Series USB Type A, USB 3.0 Extender up to 100m