Bulk Pricing

When ordering from IIoTzone.com we offer discounts on all bulk orders on any of our products. You can register your project with us to take advantage of these discounts and other benefits, such as a dedicated account manger, call-off orders, credit accounts, demo units, and fixed pricing.

Fair Pricing Advantage

Unlock the potential of your projects with fair and supported pricing at IIoTzone.com. We understand the pivotal role pricing plays, especially in substantial endeavors.

That's why we extend supported pricing across our entire range of products, ensuring your projects remain financially viable.

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Benefits of Project Registration

Maximize your project's efficiency and minimize costs through project registration with IIoTzone.com. Here's why it's a game-changer:

Fixed Pricing

Say goodbye to price fluctuations. We lock in Moxa product prices for the entirety of your project, shielding you from exchange rate volatility and manufacturer price hikes.

Bulk Order Discounts

Ordering in large quantities for your entire project allows us to offer discounts of up to 25% on a wide range of products and devices, offering excellent value for money.

Demo Units

Test the waters with confidence. Enjoy access to demo units, allowing you to experience our products firsthand before committing.

Priority RMA

Swift solutions await. Registered projects receive priority processing for RMA procedures, ensuring minimal downtime.

Credit Account

Take control of your cash flow. Benefit from our credit facilities, empowering you to manage project finances with ease (subject to approval)

Obsolescence Management

Stay ahead of the curve. Receive timely notifications regarding product End of Life (EoL), along with last-time buy opportunities.

Dedicated Stock Holding

Secure your supply chain. We reserve stock exclusively for your projects at no additional cost, ensuring seamless operations.

Sales Support

Pre and post sales technical support, on-hand to help you with any queries, issues or questions you may have.

Register Your Project

Take advantage of bulk pricing and all the other benefits list above by reigstering your project with us today.

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