Fieldbus Gateways

Unlock Seamless Integration with Our Fieldbus Gateways: Seamlessly connect disparate fieldbus networks with our advanced gateway solutions.

Designed to facilitate smooth data exchange between various industrial protocols, our gateways ensure interoperability and efficient communication in complex automation environments. Explore our range of robust and reliable devices, engineered to streamline integration and optimize operational efficiency.

Empower your industrial network with our fieldbus gateway solutions, enhancing connectivity and enabling smarter automation.

Fieldbus Gateways
  • EKI-1211-A
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  • ADAM-4572-CE
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  • EKI-1221-CE
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    MGate MB3180
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  • EKI-1221I-CE
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    MGate MB3170
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  • MGate EIP3170
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  • EKI-1221I-MT-A
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  • MGate MB3170I
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  • MGate EIP3170I
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  • EKI-1222-CE
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  • EKI-1222I-CE
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    MGate MB3280
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  • MGate MB3170-M-SC
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  • MGate MB3170-M-ST
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  • MGate EIP3170-T
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  • EKI-1221CI-DE
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  • EKI-1222I-SC-A
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  • MGate MB3170-T
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  • MGate MB3170-S-SC
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