Moxa EtherNet/IP Gateways

EtherNet/IP is used for communication between connected devices. It enables real-time communication to feed machine data platforms and deliver insights to the user or machine for consumption.

EtherNet/IP Protocol Explained

EtherNet/IP uses both of the most widely deployed collections of Ethernet standards –the Internet Protocol suite and IEEE 802.3 – to define the features and functions for its transport, network, data link and physical layers. 

7. Application Device Profile CIP
6. Presentation Explicit/Implicit Message
5. Session Connection Management
4. Transport UDP TCP TCP/IP
3. Network IP
2. Data Link Ethernet MAC Ethernet
1. Ethernet Ethernet Physical

EtherNet/IP enables real-time communication between connected devices, feeding machine data platforms and delivering insights to the user or machine.

Devices ranging from PLCs, controllers, wireless devices, edge computing nodes, IIoT sensors, robotic devices, and more. Allowing devices to communicate the millions of data points that machines generate. 

This data can then be sent to a cloud-based machine data platforms for processing and analysis. 

EtherNet/IP Gateway Device Protocols

Each Moxa EtherNet/IP Gateway is speciically designed to convert from or to EtherNet/IP from other protocols. Below is a table which highlights which protocols can be convereted by each different device series. Utilising this table and the filters in the category below will help you find the right EtherNet/IP Gateway for your specific needs.

Moxa EtherNet/IP Gateway Protocol Comparison

Device Series Protocol A Protocol B
MGate 5103 EtherNet/IP PROFINET
MGate 5105 EtherNet/IP Modbus RTU/ASCII
MGate 5111 PROFIBUS EtherNet/IP
MGate 5118 EtherNet/IP LANopen/J1939
MGate 5122 EtherNet/IP CANopen/J1939
MGate 5135 EtherNet/IP Modbus/ASCII
MGate 5435 EtherNet/IP Modbus/ASCII
EIP3170 EtherNet/IP DF1
EIP3270 EtherNet/IP DF1
  • MGate EIP3170
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  • MGate EIP3170I
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  • MGate EIP3170-T
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  • MGate EIP3170I-T
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  • MGate EIP3270
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  • MGate 5135
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  • MGate 5105-MB-EIP
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  • MGate 5118
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  • MGate 5111
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  • MGate 5103
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  • MGate EIP3270I
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  • MGate 5122
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  • MGate 5135-T
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  • MGate EIP3270-T
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  • MGate 5111-T
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  • MGate 5103-T
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  • MGate 5105-MB-EIP-T
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  • MGate 5118-T
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  • MGate 5122-T
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  • MGate 5435
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