Moxa product lead times remain longer in 2022 with further price increase in February. We keep extensive level of stock for Moxa products. Please contact for more information.

Moxa Modular RTU Controllers

Modular Programmable ControllerModular programmable controllers equipped with a powerful processor and a variety of interfaces

Designed for front-end data acquisition and monitoring applications, Moxa's rugged RTU controllers are equipped with a powerful processor and a variety of interfaces. Some key features included are line bus topology, non-stop daisy chain architecture, and built-in power redundancy.

The ioPAC series consists of different form factors such as ioPAC 8020 which is Rail certified (EN 50155) supporting C/C++ programming languages. The ioPAC series also benefits from a comprehensive range of expansion modules enabling these products to satisfy fully any device connectivity in the marketplace.