Moxa Ethernet Routers & IPS

Ethernet RoutersSecure, reliable and cost-effective routing functionalities for networks.

Moxa’s EDR series of industrial firewall/NAT/VPN routers provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective routing functionalities for networks. These products ensure the safeguarding of sensitive control networks and industrial assets by creating a trusted internet LAN and WAN connectivity. The EDR series is DIN-Rail mountable and can operate under harsh environments such as -40 to 70°C temperature range.

The Moxa IEC-G102-BP Series industrial next-generation IPS devices protect mission-critical assets with industrial-grade IPS and whitelisting. Meanwhile, the Security Dashboard Console (SDC) software, when used together with the IEC-G102-BP Series, offers another layer of protection through centralized critical asset visibility, network analysis, and auto pattern updating.